HONOUR AND VIOLENCE Gender, Power and Law in Southern Pakistan By Dr. Nafisa Shah

The practice of karo kari allows family, especially fathers, brothers and sons, to take the lives of their daughters, sisters and mothers if they are accused of adultery. This volume examines the central position of karo kari in the social, political and juridical structures in Upper Sindh, Pakistan. Drawing connections between local contests over marriage and resources, Nafisa Shah unearths deep historical processes and power relations. In particular, she explores how the state justice system and informal mediations inform each other in state responses to karo kari, casino Play Fortuna 777 and how modern law is implicated in this seemingly ancient cultural practice.

Hakimullah was declared a terrorist by government of Pakistan: Nafisa Shah

SUKKUR: PPPP MNA Dr. Nafisa Shah has said Hakimullah Mehsud was declared a terrorist by the Government of Pakistan and carried Rs 50 million as head money.

Talking to media men at the Jilani House, Khairpur, on Sunday she said the US had also announced head money on him. She said drone attacks were against the sovereignty of Pakistan and should be stopped.

She said that the government is not sincere in talks with the Taliban. She said even after the passage of four months the PML-N government had neither prepared any strategy in this regard nor sought recommendations from the National Assembly.

She said the government also did not prepare the agenda for talks on the issues. She said the talks with Taliban were held 14 times but there was no output. Talking about the LB election, she said the local bodies elections should be on party basis.

She criticised the delimitation process in Sindh. She said the PPPP had given sacrifices for democracy, so it will not to be a part of anti-democratic effort to destabilise the Nawaz regime.

Source: Daily Times


Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) lawmakers hit out at the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) during the National Assembly session on Thursday.

PPP MNA Nafisa Shah demanded a judicial commission for a comprehensive investigation into the black economy.

“Probe estate agents of Dubai before investigating into the alleged black money worth Rs230 billion in Sindh. They (the realtors) are directly associated with the lawmakers sitting in this house.” Nafisa asked the government why it wasn’t investigating into “black money being used by banned outfits in Punjab”.

“Why is the PPP alone being associated with corruption in Sindh? There is black money in Punjab, some separatists and RAW agents in Balochistan, and some terrorists and Afghan agents in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.”

She said the next fiscal year’s budget was meaningless because “for the past seven years, Pakistan has been at a standstill and its economy is trapped in a low-growth cycle”.

Referring to criticism on PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s recent remarks against the security establishment, Nafisa said her party had always stood by elected governments whether they were threatened by a dictatorial regime or a “container movement”.

“The [PML-N] tigers were about to head to the caves as [the PTI’s] ‘container revolution’ seemed inevitable. But the PPP stood by the government for the sake of democracy.”

To support his colleague’s point, PPP MNA Ayaz Soomro said that all Zardari had meant to say was that all state institutions must work within their parameters.
Source: The Express Tribune

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Opposition to take on federal govt in parliament on Article 245

ISLAMABAD: The Opposition in both the houses of the Parliament—Senate and National Assembly—has decided to lodge a strong protest against the government for invoking Article 245 of the Constitution to call Army for the security of Islamabad for three months in the upcoming session of both the houses expected to start by next week.
The National Assembly session scheduled to start from August 4 and Senate session is scheduled to begin from August 8.
According to sources, the major opposition parties in the National Assembly—Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf have made informal contacts to make a joint and strong protest against the government decision of calling the army in aid of civil law enforcement agencies under Article 245 of the Constitution for the security of Islamabad for three months.
Sources said Opposition leader In the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah after Eid will contact the opposition parties in the National Assembly to make a joint stance in the Parliament against the government decision that all the opposition parties believe aims against August 14 Freedom March of Imran Khan.
To take up this issue in the National Assembly Secretariat, the PPP has submitted the adjournment motion in the National Assembly on Monday against Government’s decision to impose Article 245 in the capital territory of Islamabad.
The adjournment motion was moved by PPP Parliamentarians including Dr Nafisa Shah, Ms Shazia Atta Marri, Syed Naveed Qamar, Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho, Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah & Mrs Beelam Hasnain.
Through the adjournment motion, the PPP wanted to discuss the Government’s decision to impose Article 245 in the capital territory of Islamabad as it reflects the failure of the civil administration, involves the total suspension of the jurisdiction of the high courts and setting up of military courts. “This is a serious issue with grave consequences and requires immediate discussion on the floor of the house,” the adjournment motion stated.
Similarly, the PPP has also decided to file a similar adjournment motion in the Senate secretariat after Eid to discuss the issue in the upper house of the parliament.
The government will have to face tough opposition in the Senate on its decision of invoking article 245 of the Constitution to call army in aid of civil government for the security of Islamabad for three months as the PPP led opposition had a clear majority in the upper house of the parliament.
The Pakistan People’s Party had already opposed the government decision of calling army to aid in civil under article 245 of the Constitution saying that the decision is pregnant with serious consequences for the people and country as it means not only failure of the civil administration but also total suspension of the jurisdiction of the High Courts. “Worst still, in practical terms it also means setting up of military courts which cannot be permitted,” PPP spokesman Senator Farhatullah Babar said giving his official reaction to the government decision.
Senator Farhatullah Babar said the PPP has always opposed invoking Article 245 for calling army in aid of civil power whether it was in Karachi or other parts of the country. “The situation in Islamabad is not any worse that in any other part of the country to warrant inviting security establishment by vesting in them judicial powers,” he said.
He said the government fails to recognise that if today it is Islamabad tomorrow Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore, indeed the whole country, may have to be handed over to the army under Article 245 and practically dispense with the high courts. “Bad as it already is the human rights situation in the country will get even worse as the doors of high courts are shut on the citizens,” he added.
He said that the decision to hand over federal capital to the army will also send disturbing signals to the world about the prevailing security situation in the country.
Senator Farhatullah Babar said the decision reflects the penchant of PML-N government to lean on the security establishment for everything be it meter reading or tracing of ghost schools or appointing monitors and is most unfortunate. “And let us not forget the security apparatus once called in aid of civil power under this Article might want to linger on even after it is no longer needed. No one wants to relinquish power or abdicate a position of authority and influence in which their actions are not called into question in the courts,” he added.
He said the four articles of the Charter (articles 32 to 36) call for concerted actions to address distortions in civil-military relations. “The decision to hand over Islamabad to the army will, instead of correcting the existing huge imbalance, further tilt the balance against the civilian, political and judicial structures of the country,” he said.
Source : The News